Recorded at Nobile, Tromso, Norway 26.february 1990
Audience recording recorded by Knut A.
Transferred from Master Cassette.
No info regarding recording equipment is available,
but some kind of portable cassette recorder with a built-in
microphone was most likely used.
Quality: A good recording, but with some problems that had to be solved (see below).
Edited 2007.

Here's the 2nd of 4 Walter Trout recording from the "Knut A.-tapes"; This recording was made by a friend of mine, Knut A., who used to tape a lot of concerts in the Tromso-area in Northern Norway in the 1980s and early 1990's. When he passed away in 1996, his sister gave me access to his tape collection, and allowed me to transfer the tapes to CDRs.

There were unfortunately some problems with this tape. The recording was incomplete to begin with, and secondly there were some serious tape/battery problems on some of the tracks, causing the tape to speed up and down beyond the chance of repair. Instead of omitting these tracks all together, I tried to salvage what I could. They are included here, but you may don't want to include them if you burn this to an audio disc.

The tracks in question - and the changes I made - are:
- Victor The Cajun: Omitted the beginning, and also substituted 2 instances of severe tape speed-ups with 1 sec of silence (at 0:29 and 4:53).
- Good enough to eat: Omitted the middle portion of the song, and inserted 1 sec of silence instead.
- Tell me That You Love Me: Omitted all together, as the speed went totally out of control on this one.

A total of 7min 30sec has been omitted from this recording.

I haven't done any attempt to remaster the recording, and apart from the edits above, I've just fixed a few obvious flaws:
1) Smoothened out tape start/ends by adding rapid fade-ins/fade-outs to remove or disguise tape recorder noises.
2) Inserted 1 sec of silence at some of the tape cuts.
3) Boosted the level 0,42 dB.
4) Inserted index marks.


01 Intro - 1:15
02 Standing At The Crossroads (?) (end cut) - 5:10 //
03 As The Years Go Passing By - 7:52
04 False Alarm - 7:19
05 Life In The Jungle (ending slightly cut) - 8:07 //
06 Girl From The North Country (spoken intro & start only) - 0:45 //
07 The Thrill Is Gone (start & ending slightly cut) - 9:59 //
08 Victor The Cajun (Edited; see comments above) - 6:52
09 Intro - 0:44
10 Help Me - 5:57
11 Red House - 9:05
12 Good enough to eat (Edited; see comments) - 4:00 //
-- Tell Me That You Live Me (Omitted; See comments)
13 Cold Cold Feeling (incomplete; fades out) - 6:51

No artwork is available.