Walter "Wolfman" Washington & The Roadmasters
Boom Boom Room
San Francisco, CA

Hi Folks
Here a nice and good sounding (sbd.-rec.) Funk-Blues and R&B show
by Walter " Wolfman" Washington.
Soundquality is A imo.
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No samples.
Hope you enjoy.

No setlist ( please help)
disc I - 9 tracks 54:23

disc II - 8 tracks 66:00

disc III - 9 tracks 61:10

Walter "Wolfman" Washington - guitar and vocals
Jack Cruz - bass, vocals
Tom Fitzpatrick - tenor, alto sax
Wilbert "Junk Yard Dog" Arnold - drums, percussion
Luca Frederickson - keyboards
Dave "Bonecrusher" Woodard - trombone

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