Orange Peel
Frankfurt/M, Germany
November - 02 - 2012


Rec. Info:
Soundman OKM2R > Zoom H2n (at WAV 16/44) > SD > HD > Magix Music Cleaning lab 15 deluxe> CDR> Flacs via EAC > TLH8 (md5 only) > DIME > YOUR EARS AND MIND...Rock and Roll!
All thanks to taping genius RENDEL for capturing this unique moment of Rock and Roll history!

Taper's notes:
The concert started at midnight and ended at 1.15 am. There were two support bands. She played in front of an enthusiastic crowd of approximately 120 fans.
Some were dressed in 1950's fashion wear, the youngest were in their late twenties and the oldest in their late seventies.

Editor's notes (while listening)...
People may come and go, but Rock and Roll will never die...This little queen at age of almost 75 years young sure knows how to tear up a house. Woah! Nothing to say...


01. Wipeout intro
02. Riot in cell block #9
03. Rock your baby
04. Wedding ring
05. Funnel of love
06. Blue yodel no.6
07. Wanda is speaking during technical problems fix
08. Heartbreak hotel
09. Shakin� all over
10. You know I�m no good
11. I�m tore down
12. Memory mountain
13. It�s all over now
14. Fujiyama mama
15. Fujiyama mama reprise
16. ... (fade out)

Total time 56:17, the last 20 minutes are missing

Sorry, no details about the lineup.

Support the artist, go to her shows, carry off all that merch!
Please, do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use only!
If you sell this - go to hell!

md5 files attached, sorry no pics...