Wang Chung
The Canyon Club
Agoura Hills, CA
July 30, 2015

Source info:
AT831 cards(3-wire)>AT8536x>Naiant Tinybox(P48)>Sony PCM-M10(24/96)>Adobe Audition CS6(normalize, resample/dither to 16/44.1)>CD Wave Editor 1.96>TLH>Flac

Taper: David Sell (Falconidave)
Location: Balcony rail DFC
Sound Quality: Excellent


01. The Wait
02. Fire in the Twighlight
03. Space Junk
04. Rent Free
05. Star Gazing
06. Don't Let Go
07. To Live and Die in L.A.
08. Let's Go
09. Dance Hall Days
10. Everybody Have Fun Tonight
11. She Was Just 17


I'm not ashamed to admit that I love this band! They flat out friggin' rock! I saw them a couple years ago and was blown away. Tonight was no exception, they were tight and energetic! If you listen carefully between the first few songs you'll get to hear Gary Busey hootin' and hollerin'. Apparently he's a big fan of the band. He was in the booth next to us with his girlfriend and tour manager.

Jack Hues - vocals, guitars
Nick Feldman - vocals, bass guitar
?? - drums
?? - keyboards

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