WAR: Rehearsals & Jams 1978 - 1979 VOLUME ONE of TWO
Presumably Recorded In Los Angeles
Master Cassettes > Fostex X4 > Phillips (I forget the model number of the stand-alone burner) CD-R > FLAC
Air recording
First Seeded to Lossless Legs (shnflac.net) 1/07

1. Hurricane* Sept. 30, 1978
2. Good, Good Feeling* Feb. 6, 1979
3. // Youngblood Oct. 2, 1978
4. Why Can't We Be Friends? March 3, 1979 5:30 A.M.
5. Corns And Callouses (Dr. Scholls)* Feb. 6, 1979
6. Sun Gonna Shine* March 3, 1979 5:30 A.M.
7. Never Gonna Give It Up* March 3, 1979 5:30 A.M.
8. Instrumental Jam 1 March 3, 1979 5:30 A.M.
9. Working* March 3, 1979 5:30 A.M.

All Titles Marked With An Asterik (*) Are UNKNOWN To Me And are Simply Named For Identification.

The Backstory:
Back around 1994, a very good friend of mine was driving around San Pedro California and happened upon a garage sale being held by a former member of the band WAR. In flipping through a box of cassettes, he came across four TDKs marked simply 'Rehearsals And Jams' along with the dates (and sometimes time of day) of recording. My pal knowing I was a fan of WAR swooped them up for me.
On recieving them, I was astounded by what I was hearing. There was a LOT of blank space, dead air, chit-chat and tuning. There were also a bunch of previously unheard originals by the band, as well as some serious jamming, some of which positively scalped me (Jam 1 on Volume 2).
When I bought my first CD-R burner (figure 1998), the first project I went for were these tapes. After listening to the entire batch, I transferred just the music and came up with around 2 hours worth of really fine stuff. Now I am happy to share them with you.
I detest bootleggers that make up song titles, yet here though I am no bootlegger, I am making up a lot of song titles. Sorry, any set-list help will be appreciated.
In transferring the music, I simply popped the cassettes into my Fostex 'porta-studio' and ran them dry. No EQ work has been done, and absolutly no NR was used. I started each track where I could hear the first recognizable pattern of a rhythm, song, or jam emerge even if the band were talking over the beginning.
A couple of tracks are cut at the head, this is when their recorder was actually being switched on.
In terms of quality, These are NOT a board or pro recording. They sound as though they were recorded with very good mics placed as close to whatever they used for a vocal PA as possible. The stereo seperation is wide and deep, all due to mic placement. Again, I have not altered the sound of the cassettes in any way.
There is some distortion as the vocals peak, and I do wish their was more instrumentation up front, but overall this is a very nice recording.
Enjoy the tunes, folks!

02-Good Good Feeling.flac:3fc8d5794ab77bd578a51422ca8d350e
04-Why Cant We Be Friends.flac:238e20a8c538d23e21ddf612847b4aed
05-Corns And Callouses.flac:f9cd182493ecf8714fc2a894c1801a00
06-Sun Gonna Shine.flac:17f85fbc3842615a04f799044afde22c
07-Never Gonna Give It Up.flac:3b1f588148e89568ca2c091e68a56a23
08-Instrumental Jam 1.flac:cf7cecb71bf2573a1ab6654fa40504c2