Frontier Stage,
Mid-State Fair,
Paso Robles, CA
July 22, 2011

early show - 6:30pm

Lineage: SP-CMC-2 (AT831) > SP-SPSB-8 (roll-off @ 16Hz) > Edirol R-09HR (@ 24bit/96kHz) > Audacity (fades, track splits, eq, export as 16bit/44.1kHz) > TLH (flac level 8)
Taper: klingklang
Location: 8th row, right side

01. intro
02. City, Country, City
03. The Cisco Kid
04. Me And Baby Brother
05. Slippin' Into Darkness > Get Up, Stand Up > I Shot The Sheriff > Get Up, Stand Up
06. Spill The Wine
07. So
08. Don't Let No One Get You Down
09. Summer
10. Why Can't We Be Friends?
11. Low Rider > band intros > A Change Is Gonna Come > I Want to Take You Higher > Nappy Head > Low Rider


As in 2010, it was once again a windy evening at the Paso fair and I forgot my windscreens, so there is some wind noise. I was on an aisle, so there is
also a lot of phasing from when people walked by. As for audience noise, there was a woman in the section to my left who was excited to hear "So," so you
will hear her in the beginning of that song. There is some clapping along during "Slippin' Into Darkness" and "Low Rider," as well as some occasional
claps that might sound like pops. The worst of the noise came from four people behind me, but they weren't as annoying as I thought they were going to be
and they kept their talking/screaming/singing to a minimum. The two men were loudest in "The Cisco Kid" and "Slippin' Into Darkness," and then the two
women started talking in "Spill The Wine," "So" and "Summer." You'll then hear all of them shouting a conversation in "Low Rider" about heading over to
the mainstage act and that's when they finally left.

I applied very minor eq to two peaks in the wave in "Me And Baby Brother." I did nothing else to the recording.

This is for my mom. For many years, we have sat outside of War shows to listen to them and this was the first time we were finally able to see them (last
year they played just a few miles away but we didn't go out of fear of being killed...and there were indeed stabbings at that show). I only wish the
Lowrider Band was a more frequent touring act because we'd love to see them as well.

Please support the band by buying their official releases and merch.


Lonnie Jordan - vocals, keyboards
Fernando Harkless - saxophones, vocals
Marcos J. Reyes - percussion
Stuart Ziff - guitar, vocals
Sal Rodriquez - drums, vocals
Francisco "Pancho" Tomaselli - bass
Stan "The Baron" Behrens - harmonica, vocals