Zepdog5 & DJ Froyd Present:

The War On Drugs

Date: 04-03-2015

Venue: Iron City
Birmingham AL

Taper: Zepdog5

Source: SP-CMC-8 cardioid mics > spsb-10 battery box (w/bass roll-off @ 16Hz, mics attached to shoulders of t-shirt) > Edirol r-05 (line-in, 44.1 wav / 16 bit, 4gb san disk sdhc card)

Transfer: Edirol r-05 > 2.0 usb cable > my hard drive > cdwave audio editor v1.98 > Audacity 2.0.6 (add fade ins/outs) > Flac frontend v2.1, level 5.

Another one of our live recordings going back to our original formulae of solid venue, good band, good gear, two veteran concert tapers plus a non-neanderthal crowd equals a damn good recording, and that's what we have here. Once again a shout out and thanks to the best damn concert-taper wingman in the biz, DJ Froyd. He hooked me into this band and this show didn't disappoint. Show was recorded from a choice location, the place was just about sold out, sound quality is 10/10.

As you music afficionados may or may not know, Birmingham's own BottleTree Cafe sadly closed a few months ago.....many current popular bands would play the 85 person capacity BottleTree when they were up and comers, just like The War On Drugs did two years ago.....as a warmup band. The DJ and I taped several epic shows there, including Fleet Foxes (still on tracker) and last year's Future Islands set, where the DJ and I partied with Sam before and after the show but now I digress. In a moment of sheer rock and roll irony, Adam Granduciel (lead singer) speaks during the set of the BottleTree story (and how they played there), then dedicates the song "Red Eyes," to Merrilee, one of the owners of BottleTree.....a heartfelt touch as the band then rips through a 7 minute version. Yes, thank you for the memories BottleTree. Comments are welcome. Enjoy.


01. Under the Pressure
02. Baby Missiles
03. Arms Like Boulders
04. Burning
05. Lost in the Dream
06. An Ocean in Between the Waves
07. Disappearing
08. Eyes to the Wind
09. Red Eyes
10. In Reverse
11. Best Night
12. Suffering
13. Your Love Is Calling My Name
14. Come To The City

Total: 1 hour 39 minutes