Cleveland, OH
Agora Ballroom
June 13, 1993

CD #1 - 70:45
1. Just Before the Bullets Fly - 6:58
2. Tear Me Down - 5:11
3. Movers and Shakers - 8:28
4. Invisible - 5:58
5. Tattoos and Cigarettes - 6:04
6. Sammy - 8:32
7. The Same Thing - 10:33
8. Intro - 1:25
9. Fire In the Kitchen - 5:28
10. Blue Radio - 12:08

CD #2 - 59:05
1. I'll Be the One - 8:53
2. Loaded Dice - 3:48
3. Gambler's Roll - 7:52
4. Sister Justice - 7:47
5. Guitar Solo - 1:56
6. Look Over Yonder Wall - 11:35
7. Power & the Glory - 8:24
8. Broken Promise Land - 8:50

Here's the deal. This documents the
only Cleveland performence of the WHB.
There was only about 40 people at the
show, but they were loud and enthusiastic.
Warren and band fed off the crowd energy
and delivered a killer set. This show at 130
min is much longer than most of the headlining
shows from that time period. Also contains
the last performance of "Power & the Glory"
according to Mulebase.

That being said, this is a fantastic show
recorded on crappy equipment ( a Realistic
unit with built in mics). I don't think anyone
else recorded this show. I did not see anyone
taping and I have never seen it on anyone's list.
The tapes have been sitting in a box for 15 years.
Although it is not hi-fi by any means, it is still very listenable. There are a couple of speed problems
in "I'll Be the One"and "Broken Promise Land".
They are minor. There was a tape flip in "Same Thing.

If you have a graphic EQ, you can make it
sound pretty good. Skeptics may check out
the MP3 sample.

Realistic Cassette Recorder >
Maxell XL2 tape >
JVC Deck Playback >
ADS Digital Conversion Box >
Dell Computer >
Cool Edit (for tracking) >

I would prefer that you folks do not post artwork on this site
for shows that I have uploaded. I do not want anyone thinking
these are in anyway some sort of actual release. If you want
to make them for yourselves, go ahead, but please do not post
them. This site is about music, not packaging. The text files
provide all the info you need.