The Warlocks
The Grey Eagle
Asheville, NC USA
July 4, 2008

A Doodee Music Master Recording

Here's the opening installment of "How I Spent My Psychedelic Independence Day" - The Warlocks trip it out at The Grey Eagle. A very nice 50 minute set opening for The Black Angels that hit on about as many phases of their career as possible in the timeframe allowed. I got into the club and watched the band soundcheck "Cosmic Let Down" for a good 20 minutes. At one point Bobby said something along the lines of they hadn't played it in a long time but they were gonna tonight. Turns out a guy at the previous nights show had told them he was making a long drive to come to the Asheville gig and asked if they'd play it. Pretty neighborly gesture for a bunch of Warlocks. You got unreleased material here as well as it includes a work in progress jam that clocks in at 8 minutes. Classified this as psychedelic but one man's psychedelia is another's stoner rock is another's .... take your pick. It's good no matter how you want to sort it. A short bit of digital noise on a couple songs. Planning on lifting audio from my video source later on so I may have an upgrade on down the road. Enjoy.

1. Zombie Like Lovers
2. Come Save Us
3. Warhorses
4. Isolation
5. Hurricane Heart Attack
6. Shake The Dope Out
7. Caveman Rock
8. Angry Demons
9. Cosmic Let Down
10. New Untitled Jam

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