Warne Marsh Quartet
Someday Lounge
Merrick Long Island, New York
October 5th 1975

Warne Marsh - Tenor Saxophone
Larry Meyer - Guitar
Joe Solomon - Bass
Roger Mancuso - Drums

Sitting in:
Ted Brown - Tenor Saxophone
Lenny Popkin - Tenor Saxophone
Steve Silverman - Piano
Larry Bluth - Piano
Billy Lester - Piano
Sy Platt - Trumpet


Lester Leaps In
Star Eyes
Fine & Dandy
Don't Blame Me
Donna Lee
All the Things You Are (version one)
Feather Bed
Background Music
Smog Eyes
All the Things You Are (version two)
317 East 32nd Street
Lennie's Pennies
These Foolish Things
Subconscious Lee
It's You or No One
All the Things You Are (version three)

Total recording time is approximately 2 1/2 hours

* - setlist is in chronological order of songs played but it is unknown as to where the actual set breaks
beyond the 1st set were. Lenny Popkin sits in on Don't Blame Me & Donna Lee. Lenny Popkin and Ted Brown sit
in on All the Things You Are (version one), Feather Bed and Background Music. Ted Brown sits in on Smog Eyes.
All the Things You Are (version two) through the end of the gig features various combinations of the additional
players listed sitting in with the core group.

Note: This quartet with Connie Crothers on piano instead of Larry Meyer on guitar played the previous night at
Carnegie Recital Hall, NYC. The Someday Lounge gig was an informally arranged (I believe by Lennie Tristano)
last minute gathering on the afternoon following the Carnegie Recital Hall show.

Recording info:
Portable Panasonic cassette recorder(mono)[on stage] > cassette master > 1st generation cassette: TDK SA-C90 (Lester Leaps In through Smog Eyes)/
TDK SD-C60 (All the Things You Are (version two) through All the Things You Are (version three) > Denon cassette deck (playback) > Digital
Audio Labs Card Deluxe digital soundcard analog in > soundcard analog out > hard disk > WAV audio file > CD Wave (tracking) > Cool Edit
(minor edits) > Traders' Little Helper (sector boundaries) > Shorten (lossless archive files) > Traders' Little Helper (WAV audio files) >
xACT-X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.20 (Flac). Upped by alligator69@optonline.net

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