Warren Haynes 1997-06-29 Stanhope House NJ

01-The Big Muddy.mp3
02-Preachin' Blues.mp3
03-End Of the Line.mp3
04-Broken Promise Land.mp3
05-Before You Came.mp3
06-Going Down Slow.mp3
07-To Lay Me Down.mp3
08-The Same Thing.mp3
09-I'll Be The One.mp3
10-Yonder Wall.mp3


01-Painted Silver Light.mp3
02-Angel City.mp3
03-Little Wing.mp3
04-Loaded Dice.mp3
05-Gambler's Roll.mp3
06-I've Been Loving You Too Long.mp3
07-In The Presence Of The Lord.mp3
08-I Shall Be Released.mp3
10-Goin' Out West.mp3
11-Grinnin' In Your Face.mp3