Warren Haynes 2000-02-23 Acoustic Cafe, Ann Arbor, MI source: in the studio soundboard from "real audio" downloaded this show with StreamBox VCR Version 1.0 Beta 3, from: http://www.mlive.com/cafe/ram/20000417haynes.ram used Streambox Ripper 2.009 BLD Dec 16 1999 to convert ram to wav edited and seperated the tracks with Cool Edit 2000 (build 2374) used mkw Audio Compression Tool 0.97 BETA 1 to convert wav to shn notes 2010-10-18: fixed sbe's and encoded to flac (no DAE from original shns) 01. interview 02. Fallen Down 03. interview 04. Far Away 05. Tastes Like Wine 06. interview 07. Soulshine original shn md5: d7c4fbdeea7bf0dc2bf028cb9fb28183 *01.shn 02f5f61e91e8a0e0a0ec32338a028b0d *02.shn 155e0ec3b5463a99dce1d8234ed3db93 *03.shn 0180a1311f9873bf7c00091fa4441919 *04.shn 3cf0045477293e6bbafa0500c4160225 *05.shn 661107ee11312ded092ec7b03f83c4df *06.shn 636ab615a67a548570b2daf960d81cad *07.shn