Warren Haynes 2002-10-30 Waterloo Records, Austin,TX source: AT825->??->dat->MDMT15->.wav->.shn notes 2010-10-18: fixed sbe's and encoded to flac (no DAE from original shns) setlist: 01. Introduction 02. Beautifully Broken 03. In My Life 04. Soulshine This is a short but very sweet in store solo performance by Warren, at a record shop here in Austin. ENJOY !!! original shn md5: 08a20d874db1aa0c01274670a1aa617c *wh02-10-30t04.shn f4ccb61bc2a9bd11dffb3aacd32dcb19 *wh02-10-30t02.shn 8987a7964bc47ab04f505bb0ab2e6989 *wh02-10-30t03.shn 38400641e8a3b0fc803591ab652e1f1b *wh02-10-30t01.shn