Warren Haynes
Here Art Gallery,NYC

Source:Neumann SKM140's->V2->SBM1->DA-P1
Transfer:DA-20->HHb cdr850->EAC->Flac frontend
taped,transfered,& uploaded by Frank D'Auria

This was a Tribute to the late ,great artist,Tim Vega.
Warren opened the tribute.Tim's sister Suzanne Vega followed.Ending the show was Jaik Miller
A second show followed on 12/16/02 featuring Chis Barron(spin doctors vocalist),
Joan Osbourne,Suzanne Vega,& John Popper.If anyone is interested in any performance let me know and I will upload it.

01.Beautifully Broken
03.Taste Like Wine
04.Fallen Down
05 Into The Mystic->Soulshine