Warren Haynes
Planet Sound, Hartford, CT

source: (hand held above my head) ecm-909a>d8
transfer: d8>ph785standalone>eac>flac
Remastering ,Encoding and Torrent file By NHatfield -- Govtmule@taperssection.com

notes 2010-10-18: seeded as one long flac file. I decoded to wav and tracked with wavbreaker then re-flac'd.
(no DAE from orignal flac file)

01. interview
02. Beautifully Broken
03. tuning
04. interview
05. Glory Road
06. Fallen Down
07. interview
08. The Real Thing
09. One
10. outro

private little interview/acoustic set at a tiny third floor recording studio in hartford.
it was recorded for a blues show hosted by beef stew on sunday nites on radio 106.9 WCCC in hartford.
real neat, i think there were about a dozen people in the room,,,quite intimate.

original flac md5:
5de0359f82b3bc00b3ea01f25857982c *warrensolo22004(fix#2).flac