Warren Haynes -Solo+Friends
Island Exodus 2

Source: 2-MG-210's>FOB>DFC>DarkTrain Silver Clad Cables>Sound Devices 722 @24/96
Transfer: 722>PC>Passport HD
Recorded and transferred By BISH

Transfer#2:HD>.24/96 Wav files>R8Brain>(highest quality) to 16.44.1
WaveLab 5.0(boost 2.0db gain)>.wav>CDWav>TLH>flac16
(tracks d1 to d2t06)(entire show)

disc 2 tracks 7-8 ENCORES supplied by:*

*DPA 4021 source from same stand
Wavleab 5.0>(join and Raised gain 5.6db to DPA source to Match MG210's source evenly)

No Digital Audio Editing performed.(ON EITHER SOURCE)
Transferred and Mastered/uploaded by Muletaper

Notes: PA problems noted thru-out the 5 shows you will hear it at times crackle and pop
but does not effect sound quality.(not to often)

Setlist: (1 set only)

2.Before You Came
4.The Real Thing
5.Old Before My Time
6.Two Of A Kind Blues
7.Glory Road
8.Affair On 8th Ave.
9.To Lay Me Down

1.Old Friend
2.In My Life with Matt Abts
3.John The Revelator with Matt Abts, Danny Louis & The Jamaica Horns (Ron Holloway, Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews)
4.Lay Of The Sunflower
5.Ballerina with Danny Louis
6.One with Danny Louis
7.It Hurts Me Too with Danny Louis & The Jamaica Horns (Ron Holloway, Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews)
8.That's Why We're Here with Danny Louis*
9.Hallelujah with Danny Louis*

-A Special thanks to Robert NC for the 722 loan.
-Thanks to BISH for Letting me upload these shows and for express mailing the HD to me as soon as he got back.
-Great raw recording!