Warren Haynes

Copenhagen, DK
Amager Bio
2011-08-07 (august 7th)

source: audience master, Zoom H2 WAV 44.1kHz
length: 155min.
quality: A+

A poor turnout (about 350 people in a venue that holds about 1000) did not stop Warren and co. from delivering a blistering set. Itīs been ages since a 2hours+ show felt like 5 minutes for me, but last night that was definitely the case. I really did not want the night to end. Every performer is at the top of his/her game and play with joy and perfection beyond all normal comprehension.

I would think that the reason they did a short version of Princeīs When doves cry is that Prince himself were playing on a field close to the venue, and would also appear at the venue later that night. Nice version.

Best songs of the night? Invisible from the first set and from the second the MESMERIZING version of Working class hero performed by Warren alone brought goosebumps. And, of course, Soulshine where everyone really stepped up, especially Alecia such a young girl but with an enormous voice! Iīll definitely check out what else sheīs done, such a talented performer!

cd1 - 77.05
Tear me down
Riverīs gonna rise
Sick of my shadow
A friend to you
Power and the glory
When doves cry
Beautifully broken
32-20 blues

cd2 - 77.25
Glory road (acoustic)
Working class hero (acoustic)
Patchwork quilt (acoustic + bass)
On a real lonely night
From a whisper to a scream
What is hip?
Fire in the kitchen
Man in motion / keyboard thingy