Warren Haynes
Island Exodus 3

Source:FOB-2 Microtech Gefell 210's(OTRF)>DarkTain Custom Cables>Sound Devices 722
Location:FOB-DFC-40ft off stage
Recorded@ 24/96


Transfer/Mixdown>.wav @ 24.96khz>Wavlab 5.0(eq and 1.4db gain adjust)
R8Brain>16.44.1khz>Traders Little Helper>Flac>Tag and Rename 3.57(Meta Data)

Editing/Mastering: by Matt Rappaport-AKA-MULETAPER
All D.A.E done in 24/96

24/96 Files Archived and available

**A special thanks to Robert for the 722 loan

1.Man in Motion (4:09)
2.River's Gonna Rise (5:51)
3.Angel City (5:50)
4.The Real Thing (6:22)
5.Gordon James (4:53)
6.Back Where I Started (5:56)
7.Sick Of My Shadow (6:21) *with Ron Holloway
8.A Friend To You (6:49) *with Ron Holloway
9.Comes A Time (9:14)
10.China Doll (6:43)

Disc 2:

1.Death Don't Have No Mercy (8:50)*with Ron Holloway and Danny Louis
2.Patchwork Quilt (5:42) *with Matt Abts, Danny Louis & Jorgen Carlsson
3.Bird On A Wire (7:22) *with Matt Abts, Danny Louis & Jorgen Carlsson
4.Wild Horses (6:27) *with Danny Louis & Luther Dickinson
5.Drift Away (7:28) *with Danny Louis & Luther Dickinson
6.Frozen Fear (9:10) *with Ron Holloway and Danny Louis
7.In My Life (6:57)