Warren Haynes
The Plaza Live
Orlando, FL

Source: Church Audio CA-11 (Cards) > Naiant PIPsqueak > Sony PCM-M10 (24/48) > Micro SD Card
Location: FOB/DFC/Clipped to Orlando's Human Mic Stand ~4-6' high (Row G/Seat 9 seated for most of show, standing for final 3 songs)
Transfer: Audacity (Normalizing/Fades) > dBpoweramp (Conversion to 16/44.1) > CD Wave (Tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (Fix SBEs/FLAC Level 8)
Recorded & Transferred by mccordo

One Set
1. Intro/Tuning Jam >
2. Jessica
3. Patchwork Quilt
4. Is It Me or You
5. Wanderlust
6. Company Man
7. Blue Maiden's Tale
8. Skin It Back
9. Madman Across the Water
10. Loser
11. Georgia on a Fast Train*
12. Dusk Til Dawn
13. Karma Police > Paranoid Android Jam > Karma Police
14. Drums
15. Instrumental Illness >
16. Machine Gun >
17. Instrumental Illness
18. Blue Sky
19. Crowd/Band Intros
20. Spots of Time
(Encore 2)
21. Crowd/Banter
22. Two of a Kind Blues
23. Crowd/Outro

Warren Haynes - Guitar/Vocals
Matt Menefee - Banjo/Mandolin
Royal Masat - Bass
Sterling Masat - Mandolin/Guitar/Banjo
Ross Holmes � Fiddle
Jeff Sipe - Drums
* - with Justin Townes Earl (vocals) and Paul Niehaus (guitar)

ChessBoxer and Justin Townes Earl opened

This was the East Coast tour closer, so the show featured plenty of covers and some fun banter between songs. The venue no longer allows mic stands, and this was a rare reserved seating show with chairs set up on the main floor. As a result, I had to leave the Busmans in the bag and go low-pro with my CA-11s clipped to my collar. Thankfully, my seat was 7th row dead center directly in front of Uncle Warren. The crowd was quite lively and there is some loud clapping between songs, but they remained quiet while the band played.