Warren Haynes & the Ashes & Dust Band
2016-03-01 The Grand Opera House
Wilmington, Delaware USA

source : schoeps mk-4 > actives > nbox platinum > roland r-05 > 24/44.1 wav
adobe audition 7 > ozone 5 > xACT 2.36 > flac 16
taper : edtyre
location : 6th row roc

Spots Of Time
Is It Me Or You
Patchwork Quilt
Skin It Back
Blue Sky
Instrumental Illness
Hallelujah Blvd
Dusk Till Dawn
Stranded In Self Pity
Revolution Blues >
Madman Across The Water >
Drums >
Beat Down The Dust
One More Cup Of Coffee #
You Ain't Goin Nowhere #

# w/ David Bromberg - guitar, vocals

Warren Haynes - electric guitar, vocals
Ross Holmes - violin, backing vocals
Matt Menefee - banjo, backing vocals
Royal Masat - upright bass, electric bass guitar, backing vocals
Sterling Masat - mandolin, electric mandolin, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Sipe - drums, percussion

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