Warren Haynes with The Ashes And Dust Band
03-03-2016 (Thurs)
Penns Peak
Jim Thorpe, PA

Source: Microtech Gefell m21> Nbob Actives> Aerco MP2> Sony M10(@24bit/48khz)>microSDHC card

Location: FOB, DFC mid-room about 9�
Config: PAS

Transfer: microSDHC>iMAC>Audiofile Wave Editor (levels, resample 48>44.1khz, dither, 24>16bit, tracking)>xACT (Flac level 8, tags)

Taped, transferred, and uploaded by Pete H. (pocono_pete@yahoo.com)

Set 1

t01) Is It Me Or You
t02) Patchwork Quilt
t03) Banks Of The Deep End
t04) Skin It Back (Little Feat cover)
t05) Word On The Wind
t06) Blue Sky (Mountain Jam & Ramble On teases)
t07) Instrumental Illness
t08) Tastes Like Wine
t09) Candyman (First time played)
t10) Dusk Till Dawn
t11) Coal Tattoo>
t12) Drums>
t13) Spots Of Time
t14) Jessica (Turkey In The Straw & Mountain Jam teases)
t15) E1: Angel Band>
t16) Soulshine
t17) E2: Two Of A Kind Blues>
t18) Pride And Joy>
t19) Two Of A Kind Blues

Warren Haynes - electric guitar, vocals
Ross Holmes - violin, backing vocals
Matt Menefee - banjo, backing vocals
Royal Masat - upright bass, electric bass guitar, backing vocals
Sterling Masat - mandolin, electric mandolin, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Sipe - drums, percussion