Warren Haynes And The Ashes To Dust Band-Hart Theater At The Egg,Albany,N.Y. U.S.A 2016-03-05

Source:Edirol UA-5>Edirol R-09 HR(24/44.1 KHZ)>Nakamichi 300 Mics W/CP4 Shotguns>Edirol R-09 HR(

Playback)>CD Wav Editor>Traders Little Helper>Flac Level 8.Sector Boundaries Aligned Using Traders

Little Helper.Taped By Dave Boedicker,Last Row To The Left Of Soundboard,Mic Stand At 6 1/2'


Imagine Jam>
Is It Me Or You
Patchwork Quilt
Company Man
Blue Maidens Tale
Skin It Back>
All Along The Watchtower>
Blue Sky
Times A Revelator(?)
Instrumental Illness
Dusk Till Dawn
Glory Road
Self Pity
Karma Police>
Paranoid Android Jam>
Karma Police(Here Comes Sunshine Tease At End)>
Jeff Sipe Drum Solo>
Spots Of Time




1) Right After "Blue Sky" A Woman Hit Into The Base Of My Mic Stand,But No Damage Was Done,Thank

God.Her And A Bunch Of people Thought They Could Make Their Way On To The Other Side Of The Soundboard

Through The Last Row In the Back Where We Had Our Mic Stands/Equipment Set Up.It Was Clearly Roped Off

Next To The Soundboard But They tried To Anyway.DUH!!!

2)Nice Acoustics And really Good Sound On This One.Enjoy!!!!