Warren Haynes
Ashes & Dust
Belly Up
Aspen, Co

Source:Schoeps MK-41>Sound Devices 552 @24bit/44.1khz
Location: FOB/DFC 25ft from Stage, 8 ft up
Transfer: Sd> WaveLab(Gain, Convert to 16 bit)> CDWave (Track, convert to FLAC)

Recorded by Greg Cody

One Set

Disc #1
1) Friend Of The Devil
2) Is It Me Or You
3) Patchwork Quilt
4) Blue Maiden's Tale
5) Comes A Time
6) Skin It Back
7) Blue Sky
8) Dust Till Dawn

Disc #2
1) Instrumental Illness> Drums> Instrumental Illness
2) Gold Dust Woman
3) Spots Of Time
4) Candyman
5) Jessica

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