The 1865,
Southampton, UK

19th July 2016

Church Audio CA-14 cardioids (on cap) > Edirol R-09HR (@24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave > TLH

*****IMPORTANT: Please read notes below on quality*****

Recorded 20' from house left stack

Recording, transfer & artwork by boombox

One set: 2h24m

1. Tuning Jam >
2. Is It Me Or You
3. Patchwork Quilt
4. Banks Of The Deep End *
5. Beat Down The Dust
6. Crazy Fingers
7. Skin It Back
8. Glory Road
9. Stranded In Self Pity
10. Dusk Till Dawn ------DISC/ARTWORK SPLIT HERE-------
11. Blue Sky
12. Instrumental Illness >
13. Machine Gun >
14. Instrumental Illness (Reprise)
15. Drums
16. Spots of Time
17. Encore Break & Band Introductions
18. Angel Band > Jessica

* sound changes after this track during applause

boombox's notes july 2016:

I'd seen Warren with Mule earlier this year and had found out about the tour then. No dates near me, so a 250 mile round trip was the order of the day, but the show was well worth it, with too many highlights to cite. The Chessboxer guys and Jeff Sipe were great foils to Warren and the jamming was some of the best I've heard by anyone: suffice it to say that the spirit of Jerry was well and trully in the room at times. Talking to Warren afterwards, with luck, he said Mule will be back in the UK in 2017, but I wouldn't mind seeing this line-up again and again too.

Unfortunately, I realised outside the venue that I'd left my preamp/recorder patch lead at home, so had to go plug-in power on the recorder for the first time. I set it to low gain, but somehow after about 15 minutes, it somehow got knocked onto high gain, which I didn't notice till towards the end of the set when I checked the battery level. Luckily, I'd set the levels very low so, although there is some mild saturation, especially when listening through headphones at higher levels, it was not completely wrecked and is still quite listenable. I've used a bit of compression here and there to reduce loud drum shots and handclaps and added fades at the start and finish. As always, my raw masters are available to anyone who wants to try to improve it.

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