Warren Haynes Band

Wetlands, NYC

Saturday, August 8, 1992

SBD+AUD(Nak 300 Cardoid capsules) Mix -> DAT (Panasonic SV-255) (Master)
Playback/Capture: TASCAM DA-20 -> Creative Audigy2 Platinum ->
Cool Edit 2000 -> WAV -> FLAC frontend
Reseeded by BluesOxator
inc. the CD cover-artwork by BluesOxator(JPEG - pics)

Set 1 (54:42)

1) Tear Me Down
2) Mover's & Shakers
3) Sammy
4) Power & The Glory
5) I'll Be The One
6) Tattoos & Cigarettes
7) Sister Justice
8) Blue Radio

Set 2 (78:28)

1) Just Before The Bullets Fly*
2) Lonely Night
3) Gamblers Roll
4) Loaded Dice
5) Angel City
6) Who to Believe
7) Uptown

8) Band Intros


9) Yonder Wall
10) Loving You Too Long ->
11) Little Wing

Sound Check (46:38)

1) I'll Be The One
2) Tear Me Down
3) Movers and Shakers
4) Sister Justice

*Guest sitting in on harmonica: Mandy Johnston

Warren Haynes - Guitar and Vocals
Jeff Young - Keyboards
Lincoln Schleifer - Bass
Steve Holly - Drums

This recording is SBD/audience mix. In small clubs like the wetlands
the mix of the board feed can be out of balance due to the volume coming
from the amps on the stage. I find that mixing in some of the audience
gives a better balance and more of a feel for the room. The only problem is
that it's really hard to hear the mix you have, especially when the band
is fairly loud. This tape has a little more audience than I would like
and as a result the drums and vocals sound a little distant.

I didn't cut anything out of the soundcheck, so there is a lot of
messing around and some of the songs are only partial, but it's
interesting to listen to.

I've included a scan of my DAT label (for some reason only the first
set had a label). I must have had Warren sign it at a later show, since
it has the setlist printed on it.

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