Warren Haynes Band
1993 - 08 - 06
Wantagh, NY
Jones Beach Amphitheatre

(Open for ABB)

Warren Haynes: guitar & vocals
Danny Lewis: keyboard & vocals
Lincoln Schleifer: bass
Steve Holly: drums & vocals

Taper : Mike Springer (Thanx :-)
Editing : Joe D'Amico ''aka'' Joebeacon (Thanx :-)
Source: 2 sony mics > sony d-6 cassette recorder
Transfer: Nak Dragon Tape Deck > Sony Sbm 1 >
Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit
Pro> Flac Frontend (?)
Re-Seeded by BluesOxator

From The German Mule-Junkies:
RoryGallagher (a.k.a. Axel)
Raimax (a.k.a. Rainer)
BluesOxator (a.k.a. Christian)
Chico1610 (a.k.a. Hans Otto)

"One Kickin`Ass !" Mule Project
**For the Fans......By the Fans**

CD - 1 -
01. Tear Me Down
02. Movers & Shakers
03. Invisible
04. I'll Be The One
05. Fire In The Kitchen>
06. Blue Radio
07. Sister Justice

Comments :
it's was raining cats and dogs this night
so in between songs you can hear the
rain hitting the umbrella

Fingerprint :

disc101-tear me down.flac:f2be1a66c6b81cf091bec63fb3132f76
disc102-movers & shakers.flac:c88493e8d2eed8a1184c377bca26b77a
disc104-i'll be the one.flac:b4acb008ca78f2f0d2af9c4217411cda
disc105-fire in the kitchen.flac:2ffecd7b589105839050b3f9323a6df2
disc106-blue radio.flac:59a2f3b7875d93f803f0b90a9a242b73
disc107-sister justice.flac:2786508f78c63e1a720659813f1c663a