Warren Haynes Band,
06-12-2001 (SUN)
The Simon Estes Amphitheatre,
Des Moines, IA

Recorded by Mike Mahoney (mpmgumby AT msn.com)
Sennheiser e 614ís > Marantz PMD660 (Oade Mod)
Wavelab 6.0


01. Intro Jam >
02. Man In Motion,
03. River's Gonna Rise,
04. Sick Of My Shadow,
05. I'm The Jealous Kind >
06. Baby Love,
07. Power And The Glory >
08. Invisible,

CD-2 Set Continued,

09. A Change Is Gonna Come,
10. Beautifully Broken,
11. On A Real Lonely Night,
12. Hattiesburg Hustle >
13. Fire in the Kitchen,
14. Tear Me Down,
15. Soulshine

Terence Higgins-Drums
Ron Johnson-Bass Guitar
Alicia Shuker? -Vocals
Nigal Hall- Keybords
Ron Holloway - tenor saxophone
Warren Haynes- guitar vocals