Warren Haynes band Cahors, France, blues festival, place Bessieres, 9 july 2011 aud SM master

First outdoor concert of the 2011 Cahors blues festival.
This show was recorded by three of us; here is my contribution.
Made from the seats, above the standing crowd, 20 meters facing left PA, using AT 831 mics connected to 2 x AT 8531 power modules, XLR cables to ZOOM H4n.
Recorded 24/48, but this is a 16/44 version; Kristoph and Zuo usually put their 24/48 recording here, may be they will for this show too (they were standing nearer to the stage).

Johnny Winter openned and Warren came on stage for a tune (see number 19 added).

Transfers: wav from SD card to PC, downsample, Audacity editions (tracks, light eq), FLAC.

01 Announce
02 Instrumental intro
03 Man in motion
04 River's gonna rise
05 Sick of my shadow
07 A change is gonna come
08 Invisible (with drum solo)
09 Hattiesburg hustle
10 I'll be the one
11 Tear me down
12 Band introduction and crowd
13 On a real lonely night
14 Your wildest dreams
15 Organ interlude
16 Soulshine
17 Crowd and spoken tribute to Johnny Winter
18 It hurts me too

19 Dust my broom (on stage with J Winter) *

* Recorded early, at the end of J Winter's set

I made photos (but had to zoom a lot), some are added.
Samples in comments.