Warren Haynes Band
August 14, 2011
The Independent
San Francisco

Source: Sennheiser MKH8040 (DINa) -> Aerco MP-2 --> Sony M-10 (24/48)
Location: Balcony, right side of SBD
Transfer: M-10 --> MacBook -> GarageBand for conversion to 44.1k, light EQ, level adjustment and fades -> export to AIF format (16BIT) -> Fission for splitting -> FLAC via Xact
Taper: Trent T. (taper.tsquare@gmail.com)

2.Intro --> Tear Me Down
3.Rivers Gonna Rise
4.Sick of My Shadow
5.Pretzel Logic
6.Feel Like B.U.S.H --> DonŐt Change Horses --> Feel Like B.U.S.H -->
8.Sailin Shoes -->
9.Baby Love
10.Real Lonely Night
11.Road Runner -->
12.What is Hip?
13.Your Wildest Dreams -->
14.Man in Motion --> encore break
15.E1: Spanish Castle Magic
16.Halloween show announcement
17.Organ jam
18.E2: Soulshine