Warren Haynes Band 2011-09-14
Queen Elizabeth Theatre Toronto, ONT
Taper John H
Excellant sounding show from Warren's current and soon to be ending tour with this band. I just saw then and they put on quite a show. This is from earlier in the fall from a friend in Buffalo. I haven't seen this listed anywhere else. Enjoy!
Set 1:
Man In Motion
Riverís Gonna Rise
Sick Of My Shadow
Tit for Tat
Fire In The Kitchen
Hattiesburg Hustle

Set 2:
Power & The Glory
Blue Radio
Baby Love
32/20 Blues>
Fire on the Bayou>
32/20 Blues>
Tear Me Down

Your Wildest Dreams
WHB is: Warren Haynes, Nigel Hall, Ron Johnson, Terrance Higgins, Ron Holloway and Alecia Chakour