Warren Haynes Band
The Depot
Salt Lake City, UT

Source: FOB Avantone CK1 cardiods -> 722 24bit 48k ->.flac
Transfer: 722 Firewire > Hard drive
Compression & Dithering to 16/44.1 in Audacity
Tracked in CD Wave, Flac'd with Trader's Little Helper
Tracks named with ReNamer
Taped, Transferred, Tracked etc. Dave Knose (deeputahpowder AT gmail dot com)

Solo Acoustic Warren

01. The Real Thing
02. Fallen Down
03. Back Where I Started
04. Railroad Boy

Band Joins In

05. Tear Me Down
06. River's Gonna Rise
07. Man in Motion
08. Blue Radio
09. Invisible

Set 2.
10. I'll The The One > Blue Sky Tease > I'll Take You There
11. Fire In The Kitchen
12. On A Real Lonely Night
13. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
14. Let Me Have it All Tease >
Don't Change Horses(In the Middle Of The Stream)
15. Take A Bullet
16. Hattiesburg Hustle
17. Sick Of My Shadow
18. crowd/encore break
19. Your Wildest Dreams
20. Soulshine

Warren Haynes- guitar & vocals
Ron Holloway- tenor sax
Nigel Hall- keyboards & vocals
Ron Johnson- bass
Terrence Higgins- drums
Alccia Chakour- vocals

Warren started acoustic as the rest of the band was still in route from SC from the night before. They just keep getting better and better. Absolute Pleasure to see this show. Enjoy.