Warren Haynes band
Greenfield Park Ampithater
Wilmington NC
04-18-2012 Wed.

Source: FOB-DFC-Over Center Stage-lip>2x Beyerdynamic MC930's(matched stereo pair)>Edirol UA5(Optical out)>Nomad Jukebox3 @48khz
Mics at 6 ft(3ft off stage top)Right in front of Warren (mics Split 180 degrees)

Transfer:Nomad Explorer 2.0>Wavlab 5.0(Bluetubes and Waves Plugins)>.Wav>R8Brain-44.1khz(dither at higest settings)>TLH(flac16)>Tag and Remame Pro 1.5.7(Meta Data and File Tagging)

-Recorded,Transfer,editing,and Mastered by Matt Rappaport (Muletaper)
-edited 04-19-2012 RIP Levon Helm ~

Tonights show:

** Deadicated Show to Levon Helm,Who died the next day from his battle with cancer.

1.Whb-Intro (4:17)
2.Man In Motion (7:46)
3.Rivers Gonna Rise (9:07)
4.Sick Of My Shadow (10:42)
5.A Freind In You (5:56)
6.Thats What Love Will Make You Do (7:56)
7.Real Lonely Night (11:34)
8.Invisible (16:54)

1.Wasted Time *Solo Acoustic (6:45
2.The Real Thing *Solo Acoustic(5:50)
3.Baby Love*Accapella (4:19)
4.Frozen Fear (6:49)4.
5.Dreaming The Same Dream (6:36)
6.Pretzel Logic (17:02)
7.Tear Me Down (11:30)
8.E:Fire in the Kitchen (7:21)
9.E:Soulshine>Up On Cripple Creek>Soulshine (13:12)

**Tapers Notes:
-Thanks to the band and security for letting me set up infront of the barrier over the stage
-This is 180 degree recording of ONSTAGE sound only.All the vocals are coming thru my mics directly from the stage amps and vocalists.
-Secont set: Warrens rig had a hum in it thru the set at times. Brian farmer tried Like heck to fix it.He tried grounding everything,but could not get it gone. you will hear it every once in a while but does not effect listening by any means.You pick that up on a stage recording many times.We all got the word before the show that Levon would not likely make the next 24 hrs.Thanks To the Band for Steppin' it up!