Warren Haynes Demo
Tales Of Ordinary Madness Era?

I really have no idea where this came from. A taper friend of mine somehow got his hands on this tape as it was being shopped around in the late 80's.

All I do know is that it is 2nd gen from the shopped tape, which I would assume was made directly from the studio master. There is a very slight drift in the cassette alignment, which does not detract terribly from the quality.

To my immediate knowledge, this does NOT circulate and in the almost 15 years I have had this I have not been able to find ANY record of it's existence.

Studio Master>??>Cassx2>PCM>WAV>Flac Level 8(aligned on sector boundries)

01. She's A Pro
02. Power And The Glory
03. She Knows Secrets
04. Who Says Crime Don't Pay
05. Tattoos And Cigarettes
06. I'm Uptown
07. The Final Night
08. On A Real Lonely Night
09. One Way Ticket
10. Angel City

Please do not encode to lossy formats, and when passing it on please include this source info to keep the trading pool clean.