Warren Haynes
Live/Demo Tapes
unknown dates

received this in 2008 in a trade from Jason Pline, so all the credit goes to him! I have no idea if this was ever seeded here (or somewhere elso for that matter) but since the latest uploads of my previous seeds with Warren's demos from the cassette tape were so much appreciated I thought these recordings might find some friends as well. enjoy!

source: soundboard > cassette
cassette from Warren given to Mike Springer
Mike transferred to cd
Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA' Joebeacon & Jason Pline
Slowed down by 5% in Audacity from Mike's original transfer
Removed tape hiss in Audacity
Fixed numerous dropouts in mhwaveedit
Fixed numerous digi-pops in Gnome Wave Cleaner

Disc 1 :
--live unknown date and band--
01. Just Before The Bullets Fly
02. Danger Signs
03. If Heartaches Were Nickels
--acoustic demos--
04. She Ain't Got The Heart
05. My Reflection In Your Eyes
06. Somethings Even A Fool Won't Do
07. Honky Tonking
08. She's Running Out Of Love
09. Jimmy's Dreaming
10. Gypsy Wind
11. Unsung Heroes
12. Save Me
13. Highway Train
14. After The Fire

Disc 2:
--electric full band demos--
01. Fall Out
02. On A Really Lonely Night
03. Another You
04. She's A Pro
05. Stanger In A Mirror
06. Gambler's Roll
07. Time To Roll
08. A Far Cry
09. Two Of A Kind
10. Living On The Edge
11. Rock Bottom
12. Stone Cold Heart
13. Goodbye I'm Gone