Warren Haynes with Nighthawks .... Spring 1988
Double Door Inn, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Warren Haynes - guitar & vocals
Jimmy Hall - sax, harmonica & vocals
Jan Zukowski - bass
Mark Wenner - harmonica & vocals
Pete Ragusa - drums

Quality: vg+ "SBD" (182:23m)
Source: SBD ??unknown generations?? cassette tapes> CDR> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Transfer: JSurmont (France) of JAJ's (roryglzep) tapes. Thank you!!
Artwork: none.

Disc One (72:41m):
01 She's Got A Lot Of Love
02 Directly From My Heart To You **
03 I Can't Get Next To you **
04 I Don't Want To Be In Love **
05 Love Will **
06 I Love You
07 Jenny Lou (w/Warren Haynes vocals)
08 ??
09 Raining In My Heart
10 Easy Street
11 Soul Stew
12 Tears In My Eyes
13 Shake & Finger Pop

Disc Two (71:06m):
01 Loan Me A Dime
02 Down Along The Cove
03 Piano Jam
04 Instrumental
05 Guard Your Heart
06 If You Don't Come Back
07 Brand New Man
08 Treat A Girl The Way You Treat Me
09 Walkin' By Myself
10 Baby If That ain't Love, You Tell Me What It Is
11 Baby I Got A One Track Mid
12 Stay
13 I've Been Loving you Too Long
14 Just Before The Bullets Fly

Disc Three (38:36m):
01 Hip Shake Mama
02 Midnight To Daylight
03 Baby Call On Me
04 Keep On Smilin'
05 Little sister (cut)

1 - Not a perfect recording, need an upgrade! Please! Sometimes it seems the recording is running slow, at times. ??
2 - I received this on cassette tapes in 1995. Transferred in 2002.
3 - The above marked "**" tracks circulate as live demos.