Warren Haynes Studio Demos

date: unknown
musicians: unknown
source: unknown
taper: unknown

Seeded By chico1610

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lineage: Maxell XLII>Pioneer CT-S44OS>JVC RX-515V>analog cables>Sony D8>CoreSound 7-pin-cable>M-Audiophile 2496 S/PDIF at 41.00 sample rate>HD
tracks split (linked, no 2-sec-gap) w/ Feurio v.1.68.
Volume amplified at 90 %,right/left balance adjusted and noise reduction at 90 % w/ CoolEdit2000.

flacs created w/ Trader's Little Helper, level 6.

All fade-ins/fade-outs are on the original tape.


1. Just Before The Bullets Fly
2. Danger Sounds (??)??
3. The Richest Fool
4. Fallout
5. On A Really Lonely Night
6. There Will Never Be Another You
7. She's A Pro
8. Two Of A Kind (Dickey Betts on vocals??)
9. Who's That Man

10. Living On The Edge (Dickey Betts on vocals)
11. Going For Broke - missing!!
12. Rock Bottom
13. Stone Cold Heart (Dickey Betts on vocals)
14. Gambler's Roll*
15. A Far Cry
16. Still Dream Of You
17. ?? (Gypsy Wind?)*
18. Unsong Heroes**+

*not included on analog tape jewel case
**written by Dickey Betts
+different order of songs than on cassette cover

This tape raises more questions than answers, at least to me:
During a clearance session in my home office I found this tape. It must have been traded in a time when trading analog cassetes was the only way. I have no idea about who provided me with this tape! It is labelled "Warren Haynes Studio Demos I" but I never found a "Warren Haynes Studio Demos II" - maybe it is out there somewhere? Since the title suggests the time frame would be late 80's to early 90's.

I have absolutely no idea about when these songs were recorded, who - if ever - recorded it, who the musicians are! But since there are some songs that appear on Dickey Betts' "Pattern Disruptive" (Rock Bottom, Stone Cold Heart and Far Cry) issued in 1988 and since Dickey is obviousley on some songs my guess is it was recorded around 1988, maybe with the Dickey Betts Band.
As for the source it sounds like a soundboard recording of a studio session, on the other hand sometimes Warren addresses the audience which imho only makes sense when this was a real concert show.

Except for "Just Before The Bullets Fly" and "Gambler's Roll" none of these songs appear on Warrenbase.

Any help to get more information about this show is highly appreciated!

Flac Fingerprint:
Audio-Aufnahme 20_02_08 20_36_03.flac:0796722f2122d7370d97218e973e945e

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