Warren Zevon
The Cellar Door
March 8 & 9, 78

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A good bit of between song downtime was deleted, moreso in the late show from March 8.

WZ's Band
Waddy Wachtel - lead guitar
Stanley Sheldon - bass guitar
Rick Marotta - drums
David ?? - ???

He uses only the band members first names during the March 8 set, and if he gave a better intro during the next night's early show I don't have it. I knew from other 78 shows who three of them were, but help with David's last name and instrument played would be appreciated.

During the first night's late set he was very, very drunk. Not so for the next night's early show. Still worth the price of admission, though.

Late show March 8
(Might be a partial set, but it's all I've got and all that's listed at db.etree.)

1. Excitable Boy
2. Accidentally Like A Martyr
3. Nighttime in the Switching Yard
4. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
5. Lawyers Guns & Money
6. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Early show March 9

1. Johnny Strikes Up the Band
2. Werewolves of London
3. [cut]Mohammed's Radio
4. Tenderness On The Block
5. Excitable Boy
6. Accidentally Like A Martyr
7. Night Time In The Switching Yard
8. Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
9. Poor Poor Pitiful Me
10. Desperados Under The Eaves

I love this disc. Hope others do too.


(If this works, I'll research for previous release and then, if it passes muster, upload 10/22/82 Passaic, NJ soon - a great show with great sound.)

(Btw, I haven't been able to upload in months thanks to Comcast (now known in my house as Comcrap), but with the switch to Verizon, I hope to give back to the community again. The downside is that I've never used Traders Little Helper, which was recommended over FLAC Frontend now that Dime requires checksums. So if there's a problem with the way I've put the torrent together, I apologize and will do my best to repair whatever's wrong as soon as I know about it.)