Warren was born January 24, 1947 and would be 66 now. I've posted a few items on him here, because I didn't see 'em here, and they belong here, and a few dozen dedicated Warren fans have DL'd them. There's a lot around on Warren but much of it is boringly titled and it's hard to tell what's worth the DL or not. So I picked a few things I thought were important, and used the headers to explain why. Like, there's a great cover tune amid the familiar stuff, or an historic date, or a really clear and worthy recording. It's all in the name of sharing and giving more exposure to good titles. And thanks to the original tapers.

Warren Zevon
at FOLSOM (Field)
University of Colorado outdoors
Boulder, CO


Tepper archive Audience Recording
Lineage: Cassette [generation unknown] > hard drive [Nero Wave Editor] > Adobe Audition >
CD Wave > FLAC Frontend

Important concert for Warren collectors, as it's an early boot, and Warren opening for The Grateful Dead.
The sound is a bit on the treble side, but that does make the vocals pretty clear and distinctive. Nice to hear the early hits ("Excitable Boy") played with enthusiasm (and the band joining in with some ooh-oohs on the chorus). The crowd's in the distance, so no sudden woo-hoo's in your ear.

01. Play It All Night Long
02. Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School
03. Johnny Strikes Up the Band
04. Excitable Boy
05. Gorilla, You're a Desperado
06. Werewolves of London
07. Carmelita
08. Jeannie Needs a Shooter
09. A Certain Girl
10. Band Intros
11. Poor Pitiful Me
12. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
13. Lawyers, Guns and Money

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