Warren Zevon 1983-01-29 West Gym (Men's) SUNY at Binghamton Binghamton, NY Recorded By: Robert Mullen (lvrwm) Equipment/Lineage: Panasonic Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder RQ-J36 (with built in mics)>Master Cassette (PD Magnetics-Du Pont-1100 metal C-90 minutes)>Yamaha Natural Sound Dual Cassette Deck K-902>CD Wav>TLH (flac level 8) Comments: This is the first recording I made. I believe we were located about 20 rows and a little stage right of center for this recording. The Men's Gym (West) was not a great sounding venue by any stretch of the imagination...yet we held concerts there. The recording sounds ok considering the venue. Being my first recording, I paused immediately after almost every piece to cut the crowd. I immediately unpaused after the clapping died down, and I caught most of Warren's comments to the audience. The college crowd was pretty respectful this evening as Warren perfomed solo on vocals, piano, acoustic guitar and harmonica. Please: Convert to lossy format only for personal use. Please: Do Not Buy or Sell This Recording. Please: Trade Freely, Keeping The Recorder And Lineage Information Intact Please: Relax and Enjoy! Tracklist: 01-Warren addresses the audience 02-Lawyers, Guns and Money 03-Play It All Night Long 04-Hasten Down The Way 05-Frank And Jesse James 06-Don't Take No For An Answer 07-The French Inhaler 08-Jesus Mentioned 09-Veracruz 10-After All's Said And Done 11-Charlie's Medicine 12-Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner 13-Poor, Poor Pitiful Me 14-Mohammed's Radio 15-Accidently Like A Martyr 16-Excitable Boy 17-Werewolves Of London 18-Carmelita 19-I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Remember It's Only A Memory If It's Not Recorded! ...and... Stay Stealthy My Friends