Warren Zevon
Werchter, Belgium
Open Air Festival

Master - Audience recording from my old TDK-Sa C-90 Tape

As far as I remember I recorded it with my old AIWA-walkman and an extra stereo-microphone
(I do not remember what kind of equipment I used those days, sorry!).

It was recorded from the middle of the audience about 10 meters from the stage.
I remember it was a hot sunday, Peter Gabriel had a hard job to do
after the performance of U2, because they really did a great performance (although
I don't like them no more).
I expected to see John Cale perform solo and Mr. Zevon with a band, but instead
John Cale played with a band and Warren Zevon played solo. And this was great!!!

I don't know if this is also available from FM, but I thought I seed my audience master here,
as there's not much Warren Zevon up here.

Cover and Label Artwork is included.

Sorry, no setlist.

So, please can anyone help me out with this one.
When I have a setlist I will seed the back cover with the song titles again.Thanks!!

Feel free to create a better sound quality at your home and seed it again or wherever you like.
Do not sell. For trading only!!

..and keep him in your mind!!!