Warren Zevon

Wisconsin University, Madison, WI, US
27th September 1984

01. Lawyers, Guns and Money
02. Play It All Night Long
03. Boom Boom Mancini
04. Frank and Jesse James
05. Desperados Under the Eaves
06. Accidentally Like a Martyr
07. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
08. Carmelita
09. Charlie's Medicine
10. Trouble Waiting to Happen
11. Till I Go Down
12. Tenderness on the Block
13. Johnny Strikes Up the Band
14. Jeannie Needs a Shooter
15. Ain't that Pretty at All
16. Poor Poor Pitiful Me
17. Bill Lee
18. Jungle Work
19. Werewolves of London

Running Time: 86:34

Lineage: Unknown / Aud recording. Received as single TDK-D C90 in trade, not long after the show.

Transferred via Yamaha KX-350 > External ADC > Optical > Dio2496 > Soundforge (edits). There was tape flip at 45m and a tape change before the encore which I've tidied up.

This show is not on Internet Archive. The only one from this 1984 tour is http://www.archive.org/details/wz1984-09-23.sbeok.flac16 (The Stone, SF 23.9.84) which has a similar, but shorter setlist.

This show is superior quality to The Stone recording. Sample attached. It is also a superb performance throughout.