Warren Zevon (solo/acoustic)
Houston, TX
May 23, 1985 (early show)

Soundboard recording

Another great torrent from Mexminute/TheCommish
(from the Mexminute archives)

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A must-have show by the late Warren Zevon (Jan. 24, 1947-Sept. 7, 2003).
It's hard to believe it's been 5 years already.

Note: Unlike many Warren Zevon recordings, this particular show CANNOT be found (yet, at least) in the Live Music Archive at www.archive.org. However, the archive does have a nice-looking June 18, 1986 Zevon show from Rockefeller's, found here:


101. Frank and Jesse James
102. Start Me Up (Rolling Stones) >
103. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
104. Veracruz
105. Reconsider Me
106. Detox Mansion
107. Bill Lee
108. Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner

201. Johnny Strikes Up The Band
202. Accidentally Like A Martyr
203. Tenderness On The Block
204. Boom Boom Mancini
205. The Factory
206. Werewolves Of London
207. Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly) >
208. Lawyers, Guns and Money
209. Announcements

SBD > 1st gen cassette > CDR > EAC > WAV > Editing (below) > FLAC Frontend > FLAC

Editing notes:
* Re-tracked entire show by combing with Nero's wave editor and then re-splitting with CD Wave
* Deleted 19 seconds of audience applause at beginning of Track 101 and faded in with Nero's wave editor
* Deleted about 5 seconds at end of Track 107; faded out applause with Nero
* Removed small glitch at 6:15 mark of Track 205
* Made numerous volume adjustments using Nero's wave editor (see notes below) in order to balance-out the overall volume of the show. Unfortunately, the original recording had some pronounced volume fluctuations: some spots were REALLY loud whereas other parts/tracks were difficult to hear. Conservatively, I spent a couple hours trying to adjust the volume so that the show would play more evenly. I tried to avoid having the show exceed peak volume as best I could, but some spots on the original recording were a bit "hot" and I tried to blend everything together as best as I could. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the end result.

Volume adjustments (in order to get show's volume to play more consistently):
* Track 101 (0:00-3:42 mark: +3dB)
* Track 102 (1:09-1:26 mark: -1dB; 1:19-1:14 mark: an additional -2dB)
Some clipping resulted from the volume reductions needed in Track 102.
* Track 103 (0:51-7:25 mark: +1dB; 7:25 mark-end: an additional +4dB)
* Track 104 (entire track +5dB)
* Trcak 105 (+5dB for entire track except only +4dB for the 2:01-2:18 mark)
* Track 106: (entire track +5dB)
* Track 107 (0:00-2:27 mark: +5dB; 2:27 mark-end: +4dB)
* Track 108: (entire track +4dB except +2dB for the 9:31-9:34 mark)
* Track 201: (entire track +5dB except +3dB for 0:42-2:30 and +6dB for 4:06-end)
* Tracks 202-203 (entire track +6dB)
* Track 204: (0:00-1:26: +6dB; 1:26-1:37: +4dB; 1:37-3:44: +2dB; 3:45-end: +2dB)
* Track 205: (0:00-1:16 mark: +2dB; 5:16-5:29 mark: -1dB; 5:29-5:33 mark: -2dB)
Some clipping resulted from the volume redctions needed in Track 205.
* Track 206: (0:00-3:37 mark: +3dB; 3:57-6:47 mark: +3dB; 6:47-6:53 mark: -2dB)
* Track 207: (0:00-0:27 mark: +3dB)
* Track 208: No adjustment
* Track 209: (entire track +5dB)

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Generously shared by Mexminute
and uploaded on DIME by TheCommish
December 2008