Warren Zevon
Hammersmith Odeon Theatre
45 Queen Caroline St.
Hammersmith, London
United Kingdom
February 25, 1988
Complete Show

Source: BBC FM Broadcast
Lineage: FM > ? > CD > wav > audacity > Flac

01.Detox Mansion
02. Banter > *
Johnny Strikes Up the Band
03. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
04. Excitable Boy
05. Warren Introduces the Band >
Sentamental Hygiene
06. Accidentally Like a Martyr
07. Piano Intro >
Werewolves of London
08. Banter >
The Factory
09. Drum Intro >
Play it All Night Long >
Drum Outro
10. Ain't That Pretty At All
11. Desperados Under the Eaves
12. Poor Poor Pitiful Me

* > confirms playing in London

The Band
Warren Zevon - vocals, piano, 12-string guitar
Jennifer Condos - bass
Greg Beck - lead guitar
Karen Childs - synthesizers
Jennifer Condos - bass
Ian Wallace - drums (member of King Crimson and El-Rayo X)

Happy Jack Notes 8-25-2010
Recieved in 1994 on a cd as 1 track
Used eac from cd to wav
Used cd wave editor to split into tracks
Used audacity to removed dropouts in tracks 1,2,3,5,7,8,10
Created Info Text
added flac fingerprints and an md5

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