Warren Zevon February 17, 1990 Newport Music Hall Columbus, Ohio

Master, audience recording

Sony WMD-3/Aiwa CM-30A, SoundForge CD Architect XP4.0 convert to .WAV, Flac

01 Buster Douglas
02 Even A Dog Can Shake Hands
03 Poor Poor Pitiful Me
04 Boom Boom Mancini
05 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
06 Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
07 Sentimental Hygiene
08 Splendid Isolation
09 Detox Mansion
10 Reconsider Me
11 A Certain Girl
12 Transverse City
13 Run Straight Down
14 The Long Arm Of The Law
15 Turbulence
16 Werewolves Of London
17 Play It All Night Long
18 Lawyers, Guns And Money
19 Mohammeds Radio