Warren Zevon
Fox Theatre
Boulder, Colorado

SBD>SV3700(48K)>CardDeluxe>CoolEdit2k>WAV(44.1k)>CD Wave Editor>FLAC

Set One:
01 Splendid Isolation
02 Lawyers Guns And Money
03 Mr. Bad Example
04 Carmelita
05 Excitable Boy ->
06 Hasten Down The Wind
07 The French Inhaler
08 Worrier King
09 Roland Chorale (instrumental) ->
10 Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner

Set Two:
01 Searching For A Heart
02 Boom Boom Mancini
03 Piano Fighter ->
04 Werewolves of London
05 The Indifference of Heaven
06 Detox Mansion
07 Poor Poor Pitiful Me
08 Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
09 Play It All Night Long ->
10 Mohammed's Radio

This show is classic Zevon with lots of banter between songs. It was mixed onstage through a small board (8 or 16 track) by the "Professor of Desire". I patched into the main board and got the "house mix". The levels are kind of all over and the mics used aren't so great except for Warren's vocal mic. I didn't do much editing. There are a couple of places between songs where mics are switched and I matched the levels to make them less noticeable although you can hear the change in sound. I also missed the first few notes of the second set.

Shntool Output:

90ad715ec5ec89d9d1a6640f3d4e78af [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t01.flac
0be688d04efc3dd4d51a47960a0bd87f [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t02.flac
6743b8dcf7aa4982884e81cf98e3b1c0 [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t03.flac
b9ef9d0b2d05a280097beb6b254b961e [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t04.flac
dd6511d50ddd66545d65d21d287c5bcf [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t05.flac
8e852356e71d955884616de8392a8b08 [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t06.flac
bba6be90a2abfd7723f9e1a8ce38deff [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t07.flac
1583afc49f06116472eba2eadf9a749e [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t08.flac
7bab8d1bd30c6f706f6e740ab7cc1f81 [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t09.flac
ca15989bec5068e45ff881ecae88e80f [shntool] wz1992-12-01d1t10.flac
08a13afc3e164e5eddf4ba48ff1edc67 [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t01.flac
a7f1c9887c4c86de9875cf720bdf4d1a [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t02.flac
3ab63119dd14fc0f381b709293525edd [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t03.flac
3099bd07c2d4ad565ccf105f2353ec7d [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t04.flac
9e134dbf3c84cf2ca82c22e181e7f63f [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t05.flac
15e1f0cf2edda84bc776985bb846f40e [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t06.flac
8e5a4ab8a8dc5b850f3499d9fec07183 [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t07.flac
76a4e1eb7d60720c2e82478b8757524c [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t08.flac
61d376e9730ad0ff5764669529153943 [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t09.flac
1d0be041a16cab68841343185fbeac55 [shntool] wz1992-12-01d2t10.flac