Warren Zevon
1992: A Year In Dallas
February 1, 1992 Deep Ellum Live
July 27, 1992 Club Dada
Both Shows: Sony Walkman 2 Recorder>Master Cassette>Sony CDRW33>CDR>EAC>FLAC

I was going through some old cassettes and thought I would redo a compilation I made a few years ago. The first time I transferred these cassettes I Dolbied the heck out of them to reduce hiss. Those transfers were barely shared, and listening back they suck. This time I used no Dolby, just twisted the dials on the olí CDRW33 until I thought it sounded best. I eqíd them for my ears. I hope it meets with some degree of satisfaction. It was cool to have Warren come through town so quickly in the same year. The first time with The Odds as his backing band, the second time solo on a tour to record what became ďLearning To Flinch.Ē Nothing from that show was on the released cd. Neither one of these are high fidelity recordings, but they are clear for the most part. They are also complete. Tracks created on the fly so they might not be perfect. Enjoy.

February Disc 1
1. Iíll Sleep When Iím Dead
2. Play It All Night Long
3. Poor Poor Pitifull Me
4. Mr. Bad Example
5. Things To Do In Denver When Youíre Dead
6. Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
7. First We Take Manhatten
8. Detox Mansion
9. Boom Boom Mancini
10. Excitable Boy-tape flip-
11. Model Citizen
12. Searching For a Heart
13. Thatís Amore/
14. Werewolves Of London

July Set 1
1. Splendid Isolation
2. Lawyers, Guns, and Money
3. Mr. Bad Example
4. Carmalita
5. Excitable Boy
6. Hasten Down The Wind
7. The French Inhaler
8. The Worrier King
9. Roland the Headless Thomson Gunner

The Part 2 Disc
1-3) February
5-15) July Set 2
1. Into The Mystic
2. Lawyers, Guns, and Money
3. Mohamedís Radio
4. blank
5. Searching For A Heart
6. Boom Boom Mancini
7. Jungle Work
8. Piano Fighter
9. Werewolves Of London
10. The Indiference Of Heaven
11. Detox Mansion
12. Poor Poor Pitiful Me
13. Summertime Blues
14. Play It All Night Long
15. Mohemedís Radio