Warren Zevon

solo show at
(Minneapolis, MN)


Lineage: Cassette [generation unknown] > hard drive [Nero Wave Editor] > Adobe Audition >
CD Wave > FLAC Frontend
Original tape from collector "Ronald R" of Germany

Dime a Dozen Notes:

Nice to hear Warren spanking that guitar on Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" (with a punctuating HEY! thrown in).
Some don't relish a whole lot of that guitar style, but there's plenty of it here, and the audience is very enthusiastic�and on "Poor Poor Pitiful Me," after teasing the crowd with strums that seem like they're about to turn into a song, he says: "Maybe if I drink some more coffee it'll get louder. I'll be playing faster, anyway." Later, amid more random snatches of song, you can just imagine his raised eyebrow as he confides: "I'm havin' a MOOD SWING!"
It takes him nearly three and a half minutes of guitar wackiness before he actually does launch into an intense (in terms of string scrambling) version of "Poor Poor Pitiful Me," which later segues into one of his knuckle-breaking hoedowns ("The Rose of Alabama.")

The sound�well, you get used to it, it seems a little AM-radio mono at first, but it's fine. Hard to tell where the microphone was placed�the audience noise is ambient, nothing hitting you left or right, no distinct idiot voices.

Disc 1
01. Splendid Isolation [fades in]
02. Lawyers, Guns and Money
03. Band Intros
04. Excitable Boy [banter]
05. The French Inhaler [banter]
06. Detox Mansion [banter]
07. Not Fade Away
08. Banter
09. Worrier King
10. Roland Chorale
11. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

Disc 2
01. Searching for a Heart
02. Banter
03. Boom Boom Mancini
04. Jungle Work
05. Banter
06. Frank and Jesse James
07. Desperados Under the Eaves
08. Werewolves of London
09. The Indifference Of Heaven
10. Poor Poor Pitiful Me into Rose of Alabamy
11. Play It All Night Long
12. Mr. Bad Example