Some great Zevon items seem to be missing on Dime, and not DL'd much elsewhere because of all the glut of sound-alike (location, date) items. Here's an overlooked gem, and historic...Warren opening for The Band at an FM radio party/promotion.

Warren Zevon (with "Dr. Babyhead" on board)

at The Stone Pony
Asbury Park, NJ
August 26, 1994

lineage specs
SBD > Technics SVMD1 @ 48kHz > (spdif) > RME HDSP9652 > Sonar 8.31 > 48kHz files > r8brainPro > 44.1 kHz files > flac 1.2.1

This is a Tepper archive item, important to post here for Warren's energy, and the good sound quality, as this was picked up by Manhattan's premiere progressive rock radio station of the day, WNEW-FM, which was broadcasting The Band.
Yes, Warren opening for the Band, and modestly remarking on it:
"This is not my first Saturday night in Asbury Park, but I'm very happy to be here, and I can tell you, for me, it's a real honor to open for The Band here tonight. So I'm gonna bore you with a few tunes before they come out here´┐Ż"

d1t01 (intro) (1:32)
d1t02 Splendid Isolation (7:41)
d1t03 Lawyers, Guns and Money (4:14)
d1t04 (pause) (0:41)
d1t05 Hurry On Home (7:43)
d1t06 Thompson Gunner (5:46)
d1t07 Junk Bond King (3:29)
d1t08 Excitable Boy (4:14)
d1t09 Werewolves Of London (4:36)
d1t10 (pause) (0:19)
d1t11 Poor Poor Pitiful Me (7:08)