Warren Zevon 1996.03.11 Minneapolis, MN USA
Recorded live at First Avenue...

Audience tape, recorded with a Sony D-6 cassette recorder
and Sonic Studios DSM-6P microphones...by manbearpig

disc 1...

01. splendid isolation
02. lawyers, guns and money
03. surfin' U.S.A. (interrupted...)
04. roland the headless thompson gunner
05. play it all night long
06. down by the sea ( in honor of Hunter S.Thompson )
07. don't let us get sick
08. guitar jam...into...
09. boom boom mancini ( has a edit/cut for tape flip in it!)

disc 2...

10. junk bond king
11. mack the knife tease
12. excitable boy
13. vast indifference of heaven
14. poor, poor, pitiful me
15. encore - mr. bad example
16. werewolves of london

Disc 2 fillers...(VHS SP-hi-fi source)

1999.01.16 Warren Zevon off KTCA-TV, MN, at Jesse Ventura's Inaugural Ball,
at Target Center, Minneapolis, MN after he had been elected Gov!! He shocked the world! But, honestly, he was a better Governor than he is a singer...

17. lawyers, guns and money
18. werewolves of london ( with Gov.Jesse Ventura ! ) ...This is followed by
Jesse introducing his family, and saying thanks...

I personally think these solo shows were the best for showcasing the immense
talents of Warren Zevon...Few people could play guitar, harmonica, piano and sing great original songs like he did, with the skill that he did...Compare him to Dylan, Neil...Who else was in his class?? I enjoy these solo shows more than the recordings of him with a whole backing band...All fans of Warren Zevon should have "Learning To Flinch" an OUTSTANDING live compilation of solo tour material...It is such a great album...Seriously. Get it.

Share freely, never sell...This was recorded by manbearpig ONLY so that others could enjoy it!!