Warren Zevon
Stephen Talkhouse
Amagansett, NY

February 12, 1999

From the Ken G. Master Series #36


Sony D3 Cassette Master

Transfer Lineage:

Maxell XL-II 90 min > Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW > Soundforge 9.0 > Wav > TLH (sector boundary aligned) Level 8 Flac > Dime 10/26/13

Transferred, Balanced and Tracked by George


Here is a brand new Warren Zevon recording, circulated for the first time.

This torrent also includes a photo of ticket stub,

Please give a thank you to Ken for contributing his collection here.

Check out the samples and grab this one, if you like it.

Side A
01 Lawyers, Guns and Money
02 I Was In the House When the House Burned Down
03 -Talking-
04 Mr. Bad Example
05 The Factory
06 Boom Boom Mancini
07 Carmelita
08 Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
09 Hostage (cut)

Side B
10 Back in the High Life Again (cuts in)
11 My Shit's Fucked Up
12 Excitable Boy
13 Seminole Bingo
14 Accidentally Like a Martyr
15 Play It All Night Long
16 Don't Let Us Get Sick
17 Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
18 Werewolves of London

Total Time = 77:32 min




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